Engage Texas Launches to Educate and Register Texas Voters

FORT WORTH—Created by Texans, for Texans, Engage Texas launched today as a federal Super PAC focused on registering and educating voters about the Republican leadership and conservative principles that have made Texas the best state to live, work and raise a family. Engage Texas will work in the coming months to ensure Texas voters—whether they are new or lifelong Texans—understand the role Republicans have played in making Texas a national example of successful conservative policies.

“People flock to Texas because what we have works. Where other states and the federal government are failing, Texas succeeds. When there are challenges, Texas rises to the occasion. These are our conservative principles and our Republican leaders at work,” Engage Texas Chairman Mano DeAyala said. “Educated voters are motivated voters, and Engage Texas is focused on both registering voters and giving them the information they need to get involved and vote for principled Texas conservatives to lead our state.”

In addition to DeAyala as chairman, Richard W. Weekley, Trey Strake and Randall Woodruff will serve as board members.

Using a data-driven approach, Engage Texas will use grassroots, direct mail and digital outreach to identify, register and educate eligible but unregistered Texas voters whose voices are currently unaccounted for.

The Texas Secretary of State estimates Texas’ unregistered voter population is around 4.1 million. Additionally, Texas has seen an average of 525,000 new residents move to the state over the last eight years, as well as the many thousands who move within the state each year.

Engage Texas will file its first publicly available campaign-finance report with the Federal Election Commission by July 15.

For more information about Engage Texas, please visit www.engagetexas.org.

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